provides a better alternative for traditional supermarket shopping.
We definitely broke the mould when we started Dubai's first & only integrated online supermarket.

Why is Greener?

Reusing the Bags
Grocery bags cannot eliminated from our deliveries and using paper bags is more harmful to the nature, but we are doing all we can to limit the impact on environment.
we believe we are the only retailer in Dubai to recycle our own bags. you can hand your bags to your driver once you are done with them, they are brought back into our store to sorted and recycled.
our bags are also perfect for use as bin liners if you do forget to hand them back with your driver.
Saving Fuel
Our services daily saves hundreds of liters of fuel while reducing the traffics on our busy roads and saving the environment. Our delivery motorbikes are 80% more efficient than a car used in a journey to a local supermarket.  
Energy Saving
If you think about supermarket you think about the large shelves, massive open chillers keeping food at the right temperature bright light to make the food appealing and air conditioners to make comfortable environment to people walk around and shop.
we cut carbon footprint by reducing the number of refrigerating systems and energy consumption by serving more people with less energy used.

To help us making our world greener, send us your suggestion or comments to: [email protected]