About Supermart.ae

SuperMart.ae was founded in April 2011 as an?upscale and first integrated online supermarket in Dubai. We introduced the concept of online grocery shopping as an innovative & convenient alternative to traditional grocery shopping. We revolutionized the way people shop groceries.

We are so passionate to provide best services to our customers. In 2012, we were one of the?leaders in providing the innovative payment method of "Credit/Debit?Card on Delivery" in?E-Commerce for our customers . In 2013-2014, SuperMart.ae?shortlisted as?top 5 "Innovative Business" and "Online Business" of the Year by MEED Gulf Capital Awards.?

We deliver groceries from our own store by?motorbikes and cars. in May 2015, we established and introduced "Badpa ExpressTM" to expand deliveries coverage?to more?areas in?Dubai and Abu?Dhabi.

Why shopping with SuperMart.ae?

No telephone calls, No pushing trolly or searching for parking lot, No waiting in cashier queue and lifting heavy bags. By just few click all the required groceries delivered in 1 hour at the doorstep. We made many people's life easier and more convenient, Shopping Groceries online saves time, energy & environment especially for working parents, busy singles, seniors, students, the disabled and people without transportation.

It's convenient for people who may find it time consuming to do a weekly grocery shop or for people who have difficulty in making it to the grocery store. The following groups of people may fall into these categories; working parents, busy singles, seniors, students, the disabled, people without transportation.
Fast and easy
With many of the online grocery stores you are able to schedule your deliveries to work with your schedule. -You're able to order groceries anywhere you have access to the internet whether that be home, school or work. -To make it even easier your shopping history is recorded on your account to make your reordering a breeze.
Cost Effective
Save time & money on gas and wear and tear on your car, not to mention checkout line ups, trying to find parking and traffic to and from the store. -Take advantage of extra savings with online promotions and coupons.
Safe and secure
Feel comfortable ordering from well established grocery stores knowing you'll have the guarantee of groceries delivered with care. Privacy and security precautions are taken when ordering from well established grocery stores. Groceries are delivered to your door step by our friendly and reliable staff.

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